Little girl suprises stressed mother with breakfast in bed: A Greater Cleveland –

Yvonne#8217;s transition to a new school seems to be going smoothly as well, and she says she likes her new teacher.

#8220;Mommy don#8217;t roll over on it, it#8217;s your favorite,#8221; Yvonne says as she places a plate on Juanita#8217;s mattress.

CLEVELAND, Ohio #8211; On one of the last mornings before moving from their Garfield Heights apartment, Juanita Lake wakes from the fog of sleep to hear her 6-year-old daughter#8217;s voice.

She may only be 6, but Yvonne knows that she#8217;s the only back-up available for Juanita, who is raising her daughter alone on $1,000 a month in disability benefits while also attending college classes.

The 6-year-old says that she likes how her toys and dollhouse fit perfectly in her bedroom. Her favorite place to hang out is at the family#8217;s new kitchen table. The kitchen in the apartment wasn#8217;t large enough to accommodate one.

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