London Gets Another Ride-Sharing Option – eMarketer

In its latest stab at using data to create more efficient mass transit, transport app Citymapper is teaming with taxi-hailing app Gett to let travelers in London carpool using the city’s iconic black cabs.

—Cliff Annicelli

Starting on September 25, Project Black Bus will let users hire black cabs for carpooled rides that travel along a fixed route during rush hour for a flat fee. Unlike with a traditional bus service, passengers can get on and off anywhere along the route.

Taxify is attempting to squeeze into a market already crowded by the likes of Uber, Gett and mytaxi (formerly Hailo). Nonetheless, rising usage of transport-related apps seems enough of a lure for companies to overlook the difficulties rivals like Uber have encountered when going up against entrenched taxi sector interests.

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