Magic eye inspired by Newton finds his bedroom wall sketch – The Times

Now one of those drawings may have been uncovered. On the walls of Woolsthorpe manor in Lincolnshire, the childhood home of Newton, conservators have found the sketch of a windmill carved into stonework. Using optical techniques that would have astounded Newton, who was arguably the founder of optics, scientists working for the National Trust uncovered the etching beside the fireplace.

Newton did not feel great affection for Woolsthorpe,…

In the 17th century paper was expensive but walls were free. So instead of a notebook Isaac Newton used the plasterwork of his bedroom to record his thoughts. “The walls, amp; ceelings were full of drawings, which he had made with charcole,” wrote one visitor. “There were birds, beasts, men, ships, plants, mathematical figures, circles, amp; triangles.”

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