Massachusetts schools prepare for influx of Puerto Rican students – Wicked Local Taunton

Accommodating students

LOCAL IMPACT: Massachusetts, home to the fifth largest Puerto Rican population of any state, is preparing to accommodate an influx of Puerto Rican migrants, including students.

The law states students who have lost their housing must be immediately enrolled in school, even if they do not have documentation verifying their age or academic grade. Schools are not allowed to keep homeless children out of school due to a lack of academic records, medical or immunization records, a birth certificate or guardianship records.

Under the federal McKinney-Vento Act, which requires school districts to accommodate homeless children, children are considered homeless if they are staying at a relative or friend’s home after losing their own housing.

“I don’t know if schools have the infrastructure to provide all services they need,” Torres-Ardila said.

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