Mayweather vs Hatton: Ricky no longer haunted a decade on – SkySports

#8220;I just wonder if the ref had let me at him #8211; traditionally I get stronger as the fight progresses. Because of the referee breaking my rhythm I tired quicker than usual. That is something that will always make me wonder #8216;what if?#8217;

#8220;He was getting in my face and I was being my usual witty self. It looked like I lost it at our weigh-in but, believe me, I hadn#8217;t. I was taking it all in. I saw the crowd and I knew Floyd was a little bit daunted.#8221;

Ricky Hatton

Hatton closes the curtains and won#8217;t go outside, an empty bottle his only solace. He cancels his public appearances and no-shows a series of obligations. Months have passed since he was knocked out by Floyd Mayweather in a stunning Las Vegas spectacle but the pain only gets worse.


Hatton#8217;s mind is cast to the supporters, those people who swigged lager and sang his name in a manner that no travelling British fighter has experienced before or since.

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