Meet Your Newest Savior, Cleveland – Sports Illustrated

6. Here#8217;s another podcast rec, this time from the NFL Films team: An audio extension of a new feature presentation on the 1991 Falcons. Jerry GlanvilleBrett Favre, and even James Brown are discussed.

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9. While Chuck Pagano continues to sink in Indianapolis, his brother has had early success as Oakland#8217;s new defensive coordinator. Get to know John Pagano.

Head coach Hue Jackson and Chief Strategy Officer Paul DePodesta will reportedly stick around, but this is a clear pivot by the franchise. Dorsey has professed his preference for exhaustive film evaluation with a side of analytics, rather than the other way around. And his way has produced results. He helped build the 2011 champion Packers and assembled a talented Chiefs roster that finished with a winning record in each of his four seasons in K.C. (Dorsey was let go in a surprise move last offseason). 

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Want motivation to get started on that holiday shopping list? Well, Von Miller has already found time to buy his teammates gifts. Want to feel better about where you stand? The linebacker got them all the same thing: ChiliPads.

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