Microwave Tech Could Produce 40 TB Hard Drives in the Near Future – Gizmodo

While the idea of cramming more storage into the same technology we’ve been using for years may not sound like the most exciting development, it’s the best option we have right now. And this is only giving us a boost in capacity, not performance, that’s why hybrid systems are so important. Schulz points out that we are always relying on classic memory hierarchies to support demand. At the moment, cloud storage providers are using solid state memory, HDDs, and magnetic tape simultaneously to keep up with demand. “There’s no such thing as an information or data recession, there’s more being generated every year,” he says. So we have to keep innovating on old, new, and future technologies while finding the optimal way to make them work together.

[Western Digital via ]

For the average consumer, the most important thing to understand is that the industry wanted to cram more information into the same disk space, it hit a wall, and microwaves appear to have opened up new possibilities. According to Western Digital, MAMR has “the capability to extend areal density gains up to 4 Terabits per square inch.” By the year 2025, it hopes to be packing 40TBs into the same size drive it offers today.

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