Middlesex County, state officials, celebrate 18 adoptions as part of National Adoption Day –

The program was started in 2000, according to Jim Nolan, an attorney for the Middlesex County Bar, and since then, over 60,000 children have been adopted.

On November 14, county and state officials celebrated National Adoption Day with the official ceremony for 18 adoptees; 17 children and one adult.

“Since birth I had him, we bonded with him from birth,” Joanne said.

Von Pier coached her son for the next 45 minutes, and by the end, he nailed the progression of the six different notes on the trumpet.

Dawn Scotto Di Uccio and her husband, Antimo, picked up their daughter from the hospital at just 10 days old. The child, whom they named Alexia, was born addicted to drugs, because of substance abuse problems the mother had while pregnant.

The actual ceremony was done in private, officiated by Judge Deborah J. Venezia and went into the afternoon. Parents and families waited in an adjacent conference room where they were treated to breakfast, gifts and different children’s activities.

The county and state teamed up this particular ceremony on November 14; the ninth such ceremony the county held in observance of National Adoption Day, in conjunction with many more held across the country.

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