Middlesex Township Police seek assist in armed robbery situation –

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He#8217;s a “person of interest” according to suspicious behavior. Based on Middlesex Township police, Parker was at district a few days before the robbery, acting suspiciously.

Police stated they think the 35-year-old continues to be within the Harrisburg area. Anybody with details are requested to make contact with Middlesex Township Police Department at 717-249-7191.

Parker was caught on camera, police stated. He#8217;s a black man, who stands 5’8′ to 5’10” tall, and it is believed to weigh 180 pounds, police reported.

Middlesex Township Police is asking the general public to assist them to locate Jermaine Demarco Parker of Williamsburg, Virginia. Parker allegedly swindled a township restaurant at gunpoint on Wednesday, This summer 27.

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