Mike Peterson revisit Durham County court – News & Observer

To boost the idea, the defense incorporated passages from newspaper posts along with a unsuccessful campaign for Durham mayor by which Peterson was critical of city authorities and spoken about pursuing drug dealers.

“When thinking about a dark tone and rhetoric of numerous of Mr. Peterson’s posts, in addition to his targets like a mayoral candidate, particularly people active in the drug exchange Durham, it#8217;s not outdoors the world of possibility that somebody who felt seriously threatened by Mr. Peterson and the claims found the residence on December 9, 2001, to confront or harm him but, rather, faced and wiped out Mrs. Peterson,” the request dismissal states.

In the first trial, among the longest in Durham County’s history, Peterson’s defense team contended that the inebriated Kathleen Peterson fell backward a minimum of two times around the staircase and coughed up bloodstream. The lawyers also contended that Durham police contaminated the crime scene.

Peterson’s new defense team contended that other evidence was “diverted” from Paternity testing, including hair samples located on the stairs. “Mr. Peterson’s to inspect and try out the evidence within this situation continues to be violated towards the extent he cannot obtain valid and reliable forensic testing to find out whether another person caused the dying of Mrs. Peterson,” the request to dismiss states. Consequently, the defense team contends, Peterson’s “rights happen to be flagrantly violated, causing permanent prejudice towards the preparation of his situation so that there#8217;s no remedy but to dismiss this prosecution.”

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