Mindless vandals destroy windows at bus station – Devon Live

In June 2015 the Portas team, as well as cleaner Mick Sams gave the bus station a tidy and provided brackets to hang flowers as well as place the Tiverton logo on the walls and windows.

The Phoenix Lane station came under attack by vandals on Monday, December 4, during the evening. Photographs posted on social media show at least three of the glass panels damaged.

“It’s disheartening to see anything like that. That’s the entrance to the town and to see that happen to it is a great shame and very disappointing. I don’t know what goes through their heads. I doubt they have any thought about the consequences of their actions.”

“What a contrast, from having all those people in the town on Saturday really enjoying themselves and Tiverton doing itself proud to having idiots coming along and doing something stupid like that.

Sue Griggs, who is also on Tiverton Town and Mid Devon District Council said that because the Bus Station is owned by the Council, repairs would, unfortunately, end up costing the taxpayer money.

Andrew Busby, Group Manager for Corporate Property and Commercial Assets, said: “I confirm that the Council is aware of the vandalism to our property and we will be taking the appropriate action.”

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