Monster catfish caught in Buckinghamshire canal – Dollars Herald

“Catfish are effective fish and therefore are difficult to catch and also have been recognized to from time to time eat wild birds, small creatures and non-native crayfish.

“Being bottom feeders many people would not see one while going to the canal but, if you notice a large fish swimming within the canal, it may be this monster from the rivers.”

John Ellis, national fisheries and angling manager, in the trust, stated: “It isn#8217;t certain the way the two catfish came into existence within the canal although chances are that somebody has unlawfully left them after discovering that a little pet catfish has simply outgrown its tank.

The fish, which aren#8217;t indigenous to the United kingdom, are believed to become aged between 15 and 20. These were caught by Canal and River Trust, the charitable organization that takes care of the canals in Britain, because they transported out a fish population survey along this area of the waterway.

Once taken off the canal the catfish were rehomed to some appropriate location. To discover much more about what fish reside in the nations canal visit world wide kingdom/enjoy-the-rivers/fishing.

Two monster catfish, one weighing nearly 20kg and calculating one metre, happen to be hauled from the Grand Union Canal at Soulbury Locks.

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