New breed among highlights of LondonCats show in Surrey – Evening Standard

Three Marguerites will make their debut at the International LondonCats show in Surrey this weekend.

The animals are descended from a desert-dwelling sand cat and have the appearance of the wild breed, but are domestic pets.

Mrs Bliss said: “We are not selling any at the moment but will do in the future — to knowledgeable owners where they will be safe.”

Marguerites were bred by specialists Jacky and Tim Bliss after they obtained a wild sand cat, Trevor, which its previous owners did not want, and bred it with a British crossbreed.

Sandy, a male, and two kittens will be shown alongside other exotic breeds such as the Lykoi and Sphinx at the event at Leatherhead Leisure Centre. 

The couple, who have a wild animal licence and are in contact with geneticists about the programme, named the breed after explorer Jean Auguste Margueritte, who led an expedition into the Sahara that first recorded the sand cat in the 19th century. 

There are 20 Marguerites, all descended from Trevor. Mrs Bliss, 63, told the Standard: “This is the first time an African sand cat hybrid has been seen at a public show in the world because this is the first time a successful breeding programme has been completed. 

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