New coach on ITV’s The Voice Gavin Rossdale: “I’ve definitely found the next superstar” – Radio Times

Like Rossdale, fellow newbie coach Jennifer Hudson suggested she’s got the next big thing on her side: “I love my whole group. I’m excited about them all. But yeah, there’s one and a half to two that I’m like ‘that’s the one’.”

And, according to will.i.am, Rossdale might not be bluffing. The Black Eyed Peas frontman and longest-serving judge said the show unearthed “three special [singers] that are better than anyone on the radio today. They’re freaking awesome! … There’s one in Gavin’s team – got to give it to Gavin, that person’s awesome!”

So, who are these superstars? Well, Rossdale and the other judges are keeping tight lips about the exact make-up of their 10-act teams, but they have dropped a few hints. 

“It had nothing to do with me, I was never involved!” said Rossdale, who joins The Voice as the show moves over to ITV. “I’m going to try and rectify that and I know on my team I’ve got at least six people who could be superstars.” 

And what about Voice veteran Tom Jones, who#8217;s returning to the ITV show after being dropped from the version? Well, he’s got a winner on his diverse team too, apparently: “I’ve got two duos: two girls singing together and two boys singing together – got Welsh people on there, Scottish people, Irish people, English people. There’s a really strong mixture of singers.” 

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