New craft distillery aims to fuel economic growth in Sussex – Progress Index

An experienced beermaker, Reavis spent more than three years researching the distillation of spirits, travelling around the country and studying the distilling industry and its history, in preparation for opening Three Brothers. #8220;My goal is to bring back those awesome traditional big flavors#8221; from the era before Prohibition, he said.

To schedule a visit, call (757) 204-1357. For more information, including driving directions, visit

In April, Three Brothers released its first product, Silk Jacket Naval Strength Compound Gin, and there#8217;s no doubt that it is different. The bottle and label, like the gin, hark back to the period of the Roaring #8217;20s and the Great Gatsby, when Americans first adopted the cocktail and the sophistication of the cocktail party.

It#8217;s easy to imagine that someone might have chosen this secluded place to set up an illegal still long ago, but Three Brothers Distillery is perfectly legal, and what owner David Reavis is making here is nothing like moonshine.

Three Brothers to roll out second product line – corn whiskey – next weekend

It also looks and tastes very different from standard gin. The color is amber, not clear, and the flavor is rich with Reavis#8217; proprietary blend of botanical ingredients, starting with juniper – which is what makes gin gin – but including others that give the product the #8220;big flavor#8221; Reavis is looking for.

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