‘No way squirrels could gnaw through thick branches,’ say experts after 750 Cornwall beech trees are felled – Evening Standard

#8220;With overnight road closures in place for the recent A38 maintenance work, a window of opportunity arose and all landowners along the route were advised of any trees which required attention.#8221;

Roy Couch, an expert in rodents at JG pest control, said: “Squirrels could gnaw through smaller ones that cause no damage when they fall on the road, but could a squirrel chew through a thick main branch on a tree? It’s highly unlikely.

He added: “Grey squirrels tend to strip bark rather than chew through branches. 

A spokesperson for the Highways Agency told the : “Safety is our top priority and as such we have a responsibility to advise all third party owners of any trees or vegetation which present a safety risk to road users on our network.

He added: “Surely the squirrels are the problem not the tree, I don’t see the need to shoot the messenger. It could be avoided if they controlled the squirrels. 

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