Noah Hoffenberg | The Grind: Motivation is the message – Berkshire Eagle

#8220;No. My belly is all flabby. Who would be attracted to this (pointing to and clutching the jiggling mass)? I need a six-pack set of abs so that I might garner the attention of housebound Berkshirites on the prowl for man candy.#8221;

The benefits (endorphins, sense of well-being, being in shape) far outweigh the negatives (frostbite, a stream of mucus down your face, the possibility of being struck by a snowplow).

#8220;Well, if you must know, my belly motivates me.#8221;

You won#8217;t have much breath to spare, though (heck, you might even be hurling into a snowbank because you#8217;re so out of shape), but the vistas of our snow-covered mountain range will remind you why you choose to call this place home.

There#8217;s the yin and yang of it. Like life itself, mountain biking can heal, thrill and/or kill you.

By Noah Hoffenberg, The Berkshire Eagle

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