North Korea could launch a nuclear weapon that could strike London in just 18 months, says ex-military chief –

He said they were “close to breaking point” after being starved of funds. It has left the UK lacking the modern military hardware necessary to fight off potential attacks, he added. 

He added: “When they fly, sail or deploy on the land and they look at their equipment, they look at their sustainability and they look at their shortfalls in training and they look at their allies, they know they are not fit for purpose.#8221;

It came as North Korea has launched 22 ballistic missiles since February in its bid to be a nuclear power state.

General Sir Richard Barrons said that it if the secretive communist state did push the detonato it would be a horror scenario that our armed forces simply “can’t deal with”.

Speaking at a Commons Defence Select Committee set up to review national security, he told MPs: #8220;We are looking at North Korea which within the next 12 to 18 months will make a nuclear missile to an intercontinental range ballistic missile that could reach London and we can#8217;t deal with that.#8221;

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