‘Of course you can do it’ drinkers told as council embarks on Dry January – Herald Series

#8220;A lot of people think #8216;Can you really do it?#8217; Of course you can. It#8217;s just a question of having a bit of determination.#8221;

#8220;I’m only four days in so it’s not really been too challenging so far, but knowing the benefits drinking less alcohol can have – saving money, getting a better night’s sleep and generally feeling healthier – will definitely keep me motivated if it gets more difficult.#8221;

Dr Naomi Allen, an associate professor in epidemiology at Oxford University and expert in alcohol and cancer, said there were many benefits to taking a month off alcohol.

Mr Hudspeth said: #8220;It#8217;s important we all take a break at some stage and it seems like a good opportunity while everybody else is doing it.

She added that although it was unlikely participants would experience #8216;withdrawal#8217;, some might find it difficult to adjust over the first week of January.

She said: #8220;There has been research showing that if you drink regularly, it has a more detrimental impact than drinking the same amount in one #8216;binge#8217; as you are not giving your liver time to recover. By abstaining for a month, your liver will thank you at the end.

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