People lover Kent Chetlain had the gift of gab and prose – Bradenton Herald

Zoback is a geophysicist; Kent III, his son, is a CPA in Brandon; and Paul Chetlain, who lives in Northwest Bradenton, is director of operations for Lakewood Ranch Town Hall. Mr. Chetlain’s youngest child, Anna Chetlain, lives in St. Petersburg and is a medical technologist.

“My dad never discussed his final arrangements except to have some of his ashes placed in the Gulf of Mexico and some in Galena, Illinois,” Paul Chetlain said. “But we thought a celebration service at the Manatee Village Historical Park would be a fitting setting for him. He would be very pleased. He was a lifetime member of the Manatee Historical Society. He wrote so many articles on Manatee County history. We’ve got bins of articles he wrote and saved on all types of subjects.”

“My dad was a happy person,” Paul Chetlain said. “He never had a lot of money, but he loved what he did.”

Mary Lou Zoback, Mr. Chetlain’s eldest child, is a geophysicist who lives in California with her husband. But when Zoback was a teen, in the mid-1960s, she often accompanied her dad to what is now LECOM Park but what was then McKechnie Field in Bradenton, where Mr. Chetlain not only covered Pittsburgh Pirates spring training games for the Bradenton Herald but was the announcer to pick up a few extra dollars, Zoback said.

Mr. Chetlain would give his daughter 50 cents for operating the electronic scoreboard at McKechnie Field during the spring training games, which required that she got the balls and strikes right. She remembers that once she got distracted and missed an umpire’s ball or strike call, which caused the umpire to look up at the press box and put his hands on his hips.

Mr. Chetlain died of natural causes at Inspired Living at Lakewood Ranch.

All four of Mr. Chetlain’s children seem to have benefited from his mentoring.

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