Peterborough: Ice dam source of damaging winter flood – The Keene Sentinel

This sort of winter flood occurs on and off in town, Wall said, and Saturday’s was far from the most dramatic he had seen.

Two days of above-freezing temperatures weakened the ice covering the river, as did Friday’s heavy rains, Deputy Fire Chief Brian Wall said Saturday afternoon. Chunks of ice, some a foot thick, calved off, floated downstream and clustered between Main Street and the Jack Daniels Motor Inn. Eventually, enough ice piled up to block the river’s flow.

Peterborough wasn’t the only area community to see an ice jam Saturday. In south Keene, chunks of ice blocked the Ashuelot River near Keene State College’s Owl Athletic complex, Deputy Fire Chief Jeffrey Chickering said.

Across the river, Summer Street also flooded Saturday morning.

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