Peterborough motorcyclist caught at certainly one of greatest speeds ever recorded in Cambridgeshire – Peterborough Telegraph

“If you kill someone while speeding, you#8217;ll have to accept the lengthy-term emotional effects. Keep in mind that speed limits exist for any reason.”

PC Dave Black in the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Herts Streets Policing Unit stated: “The motorcyclist was travelling horrendously fast. There#8217;s simply no reason behind anybody to become travelling at such speeds on public streets. Not just was he putting themself at danger, but the lives of other road customers.”

“The faster you drive the a shorter period you need to react. Speed remains among the greatest factors in fatal collisions.

“The difference of the couple of mph often means the main difference between existence and dying. The faster someone is driving, the a shorter period they need to stop if something unpredicted happens.

“I would urge anybody who drives to assist us safeguard road customers by reduction of your speed and driving towards the conditions from the streets.

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