PNE boss wants quick conclusion to Garner bid saga – Lancashire Evening Publish

“In Joe, there exists a player who#8217;s under agreement for two more years.

“I am planning for any game on Tuesday night and I have to determine if Joe Garner will probably be active in the squad or otherwise.

“We wish to keep him, we do not have to market him but we#8217;re being fair towards the player, once we would with every other player.

Speaking at PNE’s Springfields proving ground on Monday morning, Grayson stated: “We have experienced an offer from Rangers but we haven’t recognized or rejected it now over time.

“As a soccer club, we#8217;re honest with gamers and open together that whenever something arrives we have them informed.

Grayson stated: “I want to have it nipped within the bud, ideally through the finish nowadays (Monday).

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