Possible arson attempt on Taunton’s High Street has neighbors on edge –

“All the tenants were concerned about the recent fires and the possibility that the fire was purposefully set,” Taunton police officer Clint Medas wrote in his report.

The brother, police said, told them he alone extinguished the fire, which he described as having been burning in a “sandwich” type wrapper.

The woman, police said, was concerned the fire was an arson attempt “especially (since) several surrounding houses have apparently been set on fire in the past year.”

Botelho said Holy Ghost Parish, of which she is a member, gave the first-floor family a food basket.

Last April, an early morning fire badly damaged an apartment house directly on the other side of Kingston’s property.

A 38-year-old woman living in the two-story apartment, Medas said, told him her seven-year-old daughter was inside when she smelled smoke coming from the front of the house.

Nearly a dozen adults and children were displaced and have yet to move back in, she said.

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