Public comment searched for on Somerset County Housing Trends Assessment Draft Report reactions by Sept. –

The Housing Trends Assessment Report identifies the main regional and native trends, changes and occasions impacting on housing supply, demand, guidelines and issues in Somerset County and consists of key findings that represent priority areas that needs to be addressed throughout the housing element update process. The outcomes indicate the growing interest in housing choices and possibilities within mixed-use, walkable neighborhoods with greater closeness and use of jobs, cultural and leisure amenities, services and mass transit.

Citizens are asked to submit comments and knowledge about any missing housing-related trends and problems that they feel ought to be addressed within the report. Submissions ought to be emailed towards the Somerset County Planning Board at by Sept. 12. Participants is going to be incorporated within an email notification list to become apprised of approaching initiatives connected using the update process.

Questions regarding the housing element update process might be forwarded to county Planning Director Walter Lane, PP, AICP, at (908) 231-7021 or

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