Pupil ‘threatened with knife’ outside Shenley Academy – Birmingham Mail

A West Midlands Police spokeswoman said: “Officers arrived within minutes but the offender had left the scene. Information has been received about a potential suspect and the enquiries are on-going.”

“No students were harmed in this incident and the police are now following through with their investigation.

Anyone with information should speak with a member of the senior leadership team.

Principal, headteacher Lucy Hunt posted two letters on the school website to reassure parents and police were also patrolling the gates this morning and afternoon.

“The Academy were immediately alerted to this incident and students who were in the vicinity were returned to school. The police were notified, attended the school, met with students and staff and viewed CCTV.

The first letter said: “I am writing to you following an incident near the school gates after the end of the school day yesterday, Thursday 12th October.

Pupils were immediately called back into the Weoley Castle school premises for their own safety by staff while officers searched for the suspect.

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