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PwC accused of record $5.5bn for negligence in mortgage fraud situation –

“Year after year, Pricewaterhouse didn’t get the job done, they didn’t stick to the rules plus they unsuccessful to identify the fraud,” Steven Thomas, a lawyer for that trustee, stated in opening claims.

PwC allegedly unsuccessful to place the fraud if this audited the books of Colonial’s parent, Colonial BancGroup, despite the fact that Taylor Bean was the bank’s biggest client along with a “stakeholder” in PwC’s audits, based on court papers. PwC allegedly licensed the fake mortgage assets as “true sales” to Colonial and attempted to hide its negligence when federal government bodies asked the accounting, based on the papers.

There has been several suits stemming in the economic crisis by which personal bankruptcy trustees sorting with the remains of businesses that collapsed because of fraud go after auditors, saying they unsuccessful within their roles as watchdogs. Taylor Bean’s accountant, Deloitte, settled similar allegations through the trustee 3 years ago to have an undisclosed amount.

PricewaterhouseCoopers unsuccessful to place for seven years a multibillion dollar fraud that brought towards the demise of Taylor Bean amplifier Whitaker Mortgage Corp., an attorney for that lender’s personal bankruptcy trustee told a Miami jury on Tuesday. 


The judge managing the situation ruled this past year that the jury must decide whether punitive damages are warranted to punish PwC according to allegations of gross negligence and intentional misconduct. 

Taylor Bean, when the twelfth-biggest US mortgage loan provider, collapsed after federal government bodies uncovered a $3 billion (£2.3 billion) plan concerning fake mortgage assets. Six Taylor Bean executives were charged and jailed for his or her roles within the fraud, including former chairman Lee Farkas, who had been sentenced to 3 decades imprisonment.

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