Property transactions for Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin areas, August 14, 2016 edition –

Kevin C. Huyghe and Debra J. Huyghe to Anna Dyrkacz, 37 Brainard Road, $252,000.

Abigail I. Goman to Abigail I. Goman, trustee, and Abigail I Goman Living Trust, 43 Loudville Road, $100.

James E. Odell and Kelly F. Odell to Gary B. Kaskey and Cynthia Dupuis Gibson, 109 Glendale Road, $339,900.

Linda A. Lococo and Owen Lococo to Kristoffer J. Van Naerssen and Katrina J. Kazda Van Naerssen, 90 North Walnut St., $355,000.

Alan Verson to Elephant Footwear LLC, 90-92 Walnut St., $220,000.


David Pawlikowski, Tamara L. Pawlikowski and Tamara L. Moran Pawlikowski to Brandon Fiorini, 85 Cooley St., $86,000.

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