Relief as village shop at heart of community secures continuity – Northumberland Gazette

David Carr has won numerous awards for his efforts running the much-loved grocers in Longframlington for the past 44 years.

James admitted that it was always at the back of his mind that he might take over what is set to be renamed Carrs Family Grocers one day, but it was only when he came back to help during his dad’s illness that it was decided.

He admitted that it was ‘very strange’ to be stepping back after so many years, but he will still be involved.

“I don’t really think there’s an awful lot that needs changing as it’s a well-established business that lots of people rely on.”

“It’s the best outcome for me because when I was really concerned that I was going to pass it on to someone who was going to turn it into a cider den or something like that.”

He added that the reaction from the community has been great: “When it was put up for sale, everyone was quite concerned if it was going to stay the same or if it would even still be a shop, so it’s been incredibly positive.

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