Robot Wars is better loved soon after pints – review –

Pearce brings a knowing, tongue-in-oral cavity flavour to explosive hyperbole. “Kan Opener lifted just like a leaf!” “I’ve never seen it before! Apollo flicks two neutral house robots!” And so forth. Robot Wars is better loved soon after pints. Or while still putting on short pants.

Team Eruption were a classical outfit: a parent and boy where the boy, aged 17, was responsible for engineering along with a bombastic jokes. “If anybody underestimates me they’re set for a surprise,Inches he told presenter Dara O Briain.

The main pleasure may be the commentary of Jonathan Pearce, who’s had the experience from the beginning. Londoners first experienced him like a shouty football commentator on Capital Radio in the Nineties. Match during the day needed him to dial lower the decibels, but here he#8217;s gloriously twiddled the amount knob support.

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