Sainsbury’s protesters hold ‘kissathon’ after gay couple were tossed out for holding hands –

The organization stated within the week that #8216;appropriate action#8217; could be taken once an analysis in to the security guard#8217;s actions had finished.     

A Sainsbury’s speaker stated: #8216;We do good to make certain everybody feels welcome within our stores but from time to time we get some things wrong. 

Thomas Rees (left), 30, was shopping in a Sainsbury’s in Hackney, East London, together with his boyfriend Joshua Bradwell (right) once the guard requested both of them to step outdoors

Mr Rees and Mr Bradwell thanked their supporters before joining along with the love.

Requested what he wished the protest will bring about, he added: #8216;Lots of hands holding, hugs, public kisses. Show your ex.#8217; 

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