Scientists Capture Carbon Dioxide and Inject it Into Rocks for Permanent Storage – Newsweek

The plant is part of the CarbFix2 project, the second iteration of the original CarbFix program that moved carbon dioxide from geothermal plants underground. The project was created in partnership with Reykjavik Energy and funded by a grant from the European Union.

Last year, scientists at the plant discovered that carbon dioxide emissions could be put into the ground and turn into rocks quickly, according to Now, they#8217;re capturing emissions from the sky to follow this process. The pilot plant is the start of what the project organizers hope to be a solution that can some day be mirrored around the world.

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This possible solution to global warming is taking shape at a negative-emissions plant in Hellisheidi, Iceland, reports Chemical amp; Engineering News. The company explains in a press release that the carbon dioxide is then mixed with water, mingles with basaltic bedrock in the ground and turns into minerals for long-lasting storage.

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