Seeking pay equality across the board in Lancashire – Lancashire Evening Post

However, women’s personal bonuses were in total 78 per cent higher than men in equivalent positions (£1,607.09 vs. £900.41).

The findings comes amid a storm as journalist Carrie Gracie resigned from her her senior role at the broadcaster in protest over unequal pay.

For women who do occupy such top spots, earning potential is far higher for the North West digital industries. A female senior level project manager, for example, earns on average £5,458 (nine per cent) higher than her male counterpart.

Katie Gallagher, managing director at Manchester Digital – the trade body for digital and technology companies in the region – said: “Whilst there is clearly still some way to go to reach full equality in companies across the UK, it’s extremely encouraging that the North West’s digital industries are pulling ahead in terms of gender parity.

“This is particularly relevant during a time when the sector is suffering from a sustained skills shortage. It is crucial that we uphold an inclusive atmosphere in which people of all genders, backgrounds and ethnicities feel empowered to join the tech industry.”

Gracie said she told the corporation she wanted equality, rather than more money, and was determined not to help the organisation “perpetuate a failing pay structure by discriminating against women”.

Manchester Digital’s Salary Survey which looked at a cross-section of the region’s top businesses, revealed that women are paid on average six per cent less than men in a cross-section of roles and seniority levels.

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