Shropshire Council tax rise referendum is ruled out –

“And it is quite costly. It could be £600,000 to £700,000 to hold it and if we are not confident we are going to win it then that is just throwing good money after bad.

Councillor Malcolm Pate says that the authority’s own surveys have shown little public appetite for a rate hike, and that holding a referendum would be “throwing good money after bad”.

“What we will be throwing our efforts into is making government understand the costs of delivering elderly care in a rural county. I think the government will have to acknowledge that the formula is not sufficient.

“We have made it quite plain to central government that the formula used for elderly care is ridiculous and based on business rates and council tax.”

The Conservative council leader says that a county-wide poll on the issue could cost as much as £700,000, with no guarantee of a win.

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