Shropshire Council’s 29000 homes plan unsustainable, says group –

Mr Green said the plan, which could also allow houses to be built on the green belt, risked damaging the county#8217;s rural character.

The consultation on the latest proposals will run until December, and Mr Green urged people in the district to have their say.

“Shropshire is a county rich in natural beauty and tranquillity and relentless growth of the sort outlined this week, is unsustainable and out of balance with natural resources,#8221; Mr Green said. “It is our hope that the people of Shropshire will listen to our concerns and respond accordingly to the consultation period which runs until December of this year so that the eventual plans rolled out are more indicative of the wants and needs of local people.”

The organisation was, though, he said, mindful of the need to ensure that its special qualities were protected and that the right types of housing were built in the right areas to support the varying needs of a diverse population.

#8220;We are concerned that its plans are about the numbers and growth game and not about providing the houses that are really needed in the right places.

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