Slight rise in number of Isle of Wight ‘out of work benefit’ claimants – On The Wight

Consequently this component of the total Claimant Count does not yet correctly reflect the target population of unemployed claimants and is subject to revisions. For this reason the Claimant Count is currently designated as Experimental Statistics.

The figures show rise of 10 since September, when there were 1,335 claimants, and a rise of 30 from October 2016 (1,315 JSA claimants).

The change now includes Universal Credit and is still experimental, so ONS says, will not necessarily be a true reflection of the situation.

That means 1.7% of the resident population of area aged 16-64 is claiming out of work benefits – 0.5% more than the rest of the South East (1.2%), and 0.2% less than the whole of the UK (1.9%).

Details of the latest jobs on the Isle of Wight can be found on Jobs OnTheWight.

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