‘Storymakers: Durham’ Exploring Gentrification In Durham – WUNC

Is gentrification bad or good? It’s a subject in nearly every American city, including individuals within the Triangular.

Hunter is among the citizen storytellers within the Storymakers: Durham project.

WUNC is among 15 stations across the nation selected to take part in the innovative public media project known as Localore: Finding America.  The project has been created by the Association of Independents in Radio and it is funded mainly through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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Durham resident Jamila Hunter, 39, explores her very own doubts concerning the rapid growth and development of her hometown.

The work is created by John Biewen, a producer using the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke College and host from the Scene on Radio podcast. The work will explore things that bring us together and divide us like a community, like race, class and belief.

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