Suffolk’s board of trustees functions just like a firing squad – The Boston Globe

Suffolk College — now on its sixth president in six years — anxiously requires a stellar chief who definitely are permitted to complete her job, as well as for a lengthy time.

Exactly what a massive hash the board of trustees makes of this place and it is status. The downtown college takes pride in turning out socially conscious graduates and social leaders, the sorts of individuals who create a city great. Pity poor people faculty and students, who make an effort to embody individuals ideals even in the middle of chaos — chaos produced by individuals who should be the grown-ups, but have behaved like impetuous children.

People on the streets walked Suffolk College School on Tremont Street in Boston.

That appears pretty tame, not nearly enough to merit the drastic step taken through the board, and also the damage it#8217;s done. McKenna had already decided to quit: Ditching her such as this reopens all of the board’s self-caused wounds, and does further injury to the college. Why don#8217;t you keep her in her own position, and silently begin the quest for her successor?

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