Sussex lecturer permitted to help keep teaching despite strongly assaulting student girlfriend leaves college –

Allison Cruz, a 24-year-old former Sussex student, was smacked and placed on coupled with salt put in her own eyes and ears (Allison Cruz)

Answering the statement from Sussex, Ms Cruz stated: “I#8217;m relieved to listen to Lee Salter is not working at Sussex, however the university#8217;s fact is insufficient.

A senior lecturer who had been permitted to carry on teaching despite being charged of assaulting students leaves the college after an analysis by .

Leader Sandra Horley stated on Friday: “It is a factor for any college to possess a policy in position for college students whose safety factors are in danger, it#8217;s another factor to apply it and create a safety management plan.”

Salter continued to be utilized by the institution and could continue teaching for 10 months after he was charged with punching and rubber stamping on Ms Cruz, who had been his girlfriend and former student at that time.

“We is going to be reviewing all relevant college rules and methods and can thoroughly address any concerns or training which might arise out of this situation.”

“They haven#8217;t taken responsibility for his or her mistakes and there isn#8217;t any indication that they may ever return to me or apologise.

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