Sussex College permitted senior lecturer to carry on teaching after he pummelled student girlfriend –

He#8217;s since lodged an appeal from the conviction.

She chose to not attend the trial and described encountering flashbacks towards the nights the assault, in addition to being not able to go to interview, sleep or socialise because of the trauma and anxiety caused.

“I have graphic bad dreams by what happened, I can tell his feet coming lower on me, salt being put over me, and that i awaken trembling and sweating.

Domestic violence campaigners have contended that by neglecting to exclude Salter, or introduce any repercussions, the college risks putting other vulnerable students at risk.

Salter was billed on 20 June and, despite repeated complaints designed to the college, was permitted to carry on teaching normally.

A speaker for Sussex College stated: “The College have been following a court situation carefully and our ideas are with this former student. A senior person in the University’s management team has been around regular connection with her throughout plus they still support her.

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