The 2017 date when the most people from Sussex called in sick – Eastbourne Herald

The data gathered from Sussex provided BrightHR with some fascinating insight.

“We don’t always think of lateness as absence, however it is. When managing staff absence it is important to keep records of employees being late as frequent latenesses can add up and cost your business.

“The most popular date to book off in 2017 outside Christmas was the 25th of August; this was due to employees wanting to extend the last summer bank holiday.

“The right absence management system can be used as a tool for a better connection between you and your employee. This will help create a working environment where staff are highly motivated and where they’re also able, to be honest about any time off that they might need. It will also save you from a flood of paper holiday forms handed in at the start of December each year, as staff start to plan their activities for the festive season and you will no longer have to ask#8230; where is everybody?”

“Some more far-fetched excuses included three employees blaming their lateness on a possible alien attack. Not surprisingly the bus stop capital of Europe, Birmingham was the city with the most punctual employees.

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