The Grand Tour’s Jeremy Clarkson on double pneumonia, driverless cars – and his dream destination for season 3 – Radio Times

The Grand Tour is on Amazon Prime Video from Friday 8th December

The Grand Tour or Top Gear?

Mozambique was my series highlight. We always like filming in Africa, and it was actually a great story, too. No one tells you what you can’t do in Africa. It’s a blessed relief from, say, Switzerland, where you can’t do anything.

Is the future really driverless cars?

Why do people want to know how much people are being paid? I don’t particularly want to know how much Gary Lineker earns. The gender pay gap is ridiculous, though. You’ve got two people sitting on the sofa doing exactly the same job and the one with breasts is paid half as much – why? That’s madness.

The Grand Tour season two takes you around the world. What was your favourite country?

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