The staggering number of patients failing to turn to appointments at Royal Cornwall Hospital – Cornwall Live

The ratios of non-attendances to attendances ranged from one ‘did not attends’ (DNAs) to ten DNAs for every 100 attendances. The overall non-attendance to attendance ratio is eight.

Those in their 70s were the most likely to turn up, with a ratio of one failure to attend for every 23 attendances.

For the first time in the last 10 year period in 2016-17, the number of did not attends is less than the number of either hospital or patient cancellations within a particular year.

This was the equivalent of one in 21 appointments (4.9%) scheduled during the year.

Rachel Power, Chief Executive of the Patients Association, said: #8220;While these figures perhaps show a need for greater efforts to educate younger patients in particular about the need to turn up for their appointments, they may also suggest that traditional patterns of NHS service delivery are doing less well at meeting the needs of younger patients.

8.0 million in 2016-17, while hospital cancellations have increased from 3.0 million to 8.3 million over the same period.

This was the equivalent of one in 15 appointments (6.7%) scheduled during the year.

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