Tom Cruise injured filming Mission Impossible – Telegraph.co.uk

Cruise was filming the latest in the lucrative action series Mission: Impossible in an unknown part of the capital, although some on social media suggest that the film set is on the northern banks of The Thames.

Cruise is no stranger to on-set mishaps. When filming Edge of Tomorrow in 2014, he avoided a nasty accident after co-star Emily Blunt undertook a driving scene at high-speed. 

After hoisting himself onto the building, Cruise limps before collapsing near crew members. He is then returned to the rigging he jumped from and pulled away by crew members to safety.

The 55-year-old actor, who is unusual in Hollywood for insisting on doing his own stunts, was jumping between two buildings with the assistance of a harness when he missed the edge of the second roof and appeared to bang into the building. 

Tom Cruise has been filmed limping and apparently in pain after undertaking a failed stunt while filming Mission Impossible 6 in London.

He has been filming characteristically dangerous scenes in Paris, where he rode a motorbike into a car before flying through the air, and Oxfordshire, where Cruise was photographed parachuting at the beginning of the month.

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