Tory MP Philip Davies Gripes ‘Militant Feminists Are Now Being Pandered To By Politically Correct Men’ – United kingdom

He stated: “I think the issue is being stirred up by individuals who is militant feminists and also the politically correct males who pander for this nonsense.

“Philip Davies’ surveys are astonishing,” he stated.

“I am proud to myself a feminist and Philip Davies’ remarks are really ignorant.”

He told the newspaper he wasn#8217;t compensated for that appearance.

“I don’t accept everything the Conservative Party does but I’m still a Conservative MP.”

“The requirement for feminism is self-apparent. Within the United kingdom, typically two women per week are wiped out with a violent partner or ex-partner, the gender pay gap entirely-time work stands at 24% and ladies they are under-symbolized in Parliament as well as on FTSE 100 boards.

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