Town weighs fate of ex-schoolhouse – Rutland Herald

Terenzini said the uses of the schoolhouse have fallen off. “It seems to have lost its identity,” he said.

“ I went there when it opened, new, in 1942,” she recalled. “It had flush toilets and it had a furnace and we left behind the little one-room school on Route 7.”

Hathaway walked to Cheney Hill School with his younger brother Gene for three years. By the 1960s, the school was still a one- room schoolhouse, but only three grades were taught, he recalled Thursday.

Terenzini said the town thought at one time it had sole control over the future of the old school, but he said the building actually belongs to the school district.

Faye Moulton, 85, grew up going to school in the building. At that time, she said, it housed eight grades.

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