Trump’s racist ‘S-hole’ state of mind: Darcy cartoon –

Trump let it be known he doesn#8217;t want any immigrants from predominantly black nations like Haiti and in Africa, but pines for immigrants from Norway, a nation populated by people with complexions that meets Adolf Hitler#8217;s Ayran ideal.

First Lady Melania Trump is also an immigrant from a country her husband would consider a s-hole.

Stephen Miller sabotage and Sen Graham#8217;s #8216;Profile in Courage.#8217;

The current President of The United States wants immigrants who will preserve monuments to treasonous Confederate rebels who sought to preserve slave states and create more of them.

It#8217;s a disgrace to the legacy of President Lincoln that few current members of the #8216;Party of Lincoln#8217; have called out Trump the way Graham did.

After disparaging the entire continent of Africa, Trump stood in the White House, surrounded by black leaders, and signed a proclamation commemorating the Martin Luther King Anniversary.   

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