Twenty-seven allegations of election fraud in Cheshire including one out of Halton this year-15 – Liverpool Echo

“The recent election court ruling in Tower Hamlets is really a wake-up call that condition physiques have to do much more to eliminate corruption and restore public confidence.

Based on the National Police Chiefs’ Council, every pressure in the united states includes a specific reason for contact for electoral fraud.

“But, inside a altering world, we can’t relaxation on the laurels.

Among the allegations would be a issue for ‘treating’ throughout the 2015 Halton parliamentary election, using the police taking no further action since there was ‘no evidence’.

John Penrose, minister for constitutional reform, stated: “Most people feel British elections could be reliable to provide whatever individuals have chosen for.

“We must place new or growing weaknesses within our election system, and connect them before they are a problem like Tower Hamlets.

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