Uber in British test legal issue with London government bodies – News

Test may also test studying, writing and listening abilities.

It#8217;s also challenging the necessity that private-hire companies should have an customer call center within London that travellers can ring throughout a ride. Uber#8217;s relies in Ireland.

Uber can also be challenging rules needing it to tell TfL associated with a approaching changes to the application.

TfL confirmed it#8217;s received instructions from Uber warning from the legal challenge.

It#8217;s greater than 30,000 motorists working in london and estimations 1000#8217;s would have the modification.

#8220;We are particularly disappointed that, following a extended consultation process with Transport for London, the goalposts have moved in the last second and new rules are increasingly being introduced that#8217;ll be harmful to both motorists and tech the likes of Uber.#8221;

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