Underage alcohol use leads to arrest of couple – Rutland Herald

Vermont State Police reported that Paul, 49, and Justine Legon, 48, were present at a party at their Notch Road home after midnight on Saturday, and aware of consumption of alcohol by guests as young as 16 years. State police and officers from Rutland County Sheriff’s Department were called to the scene by a complaint about a loud party.

A search warrant was issued, and police reported 13 people under the age of 21 were found to have been drinking alcohol, while others fled the scene. A small quantity of marijuana was also found. The Ligons were at the residence during the event, and both showed signs of intoxication, police said. They were arrested and released, and scheduled to appear in Rutland County criminal court on Sept. 18 to answer charges.

MENDON — A Mendon couple has been arrested for enabling the consumption of alcohol by minors.

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